Geof Warren

Born in London, Geof is a true Cockney, having been raised in Dagenham, Essex. He started playing the Guitar at the age of 13 and was in his first band at 15 years. Geof has played in semiprofessional bands most of his working life whilst working mostly in the Telecommunications industry. He spent 15 years as a Project Manager with Reuters.

Geof got really into the “New Country Music” style during the 90’s. This style is what eventually became the foundation of Geof’s “Nashville Calling” show here on Coast FM Gold.

Geof retired and moved to Spain in 2002. He later visited Nashville in 2014 and Branson & Dallas in 2016 to check out the Country scene, gaining even more enthusiasm for country music which furthers his show.

Aside from presenting on Coast FM Gold, Geof plays with a local band as Lead Guitarist & Singer.