Steve Bowman

Steve Bowman is a South London man born and bred. Unfortunately he is still a child in an adult’s body. After an embarrassing misunderstanding with a nun he came, rather hurriedly, to live in Nerja in 2012.
Steve is a keen kayaker and can often be seen off of Burriana Beach being rescued, following some mishap or other. Steve does have a peculier liking of music from Neil Sedaka. In the past Steve has appeared as a contestant in Pets Wins Prizes, where he raced a giant African Land Snail, and had a shower scene as an extra in a hit movie, however this scene ended up, probably correctly, on the cutting room floor. A number of companies have had the misfortune to employ Steve over the past half a century. His greatest failure was as cabin crew on Virgin Atlantic where he lasted a mere three return flights. When Steve is in Nerja, and is not Kayaking, nor presenting his fantastic show, or being an embarrassment, he can be found trekking through the hills surrounding Nerja, practicing his award winning yodelling.
Steve is not proud of having more ear hair than hair on his head.